Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons a person may seek counselling, from relationship difficulties to mood disorders to simply feeling stuck in a rut. You do not need to hit “rock bottom” to benefit from counselling. On the contrary, many people find counselling to be an integral part of their ongoing mental well-being and relationship satisfaction.

Counselling may be helpful for anyone who is seeking additional support, insight, guidance, or intervention. You may wish to meet for a session or two before deciding if it is a good fit.

The counselling process unfolds differently for each client. It is entirely voluntary and you can discontinue or take a break at any time. Depending on your circumstances and goals, counselling may last anywhere from 3-5 sessions to several years. New clients typically begin with weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and then transition to less frequent sessions as needed. Clients will often reinitiate counselling after months or years to work on a new challenge in their lives or to get back on track with positive changes they had made.

I believe that clients are in the best position to decide for themselves when to discontinue, pause, or resume counselling services.

As a RCC, my services are often covered by extended health benefits. However, plans vary in their coverage, so it is recommended that you check with your insurance provider prior to booking an appointment.

You will be issued a receipt after each session to submit to your health benefits provider.

Counselling sessions may also be deductible on your annual tax return.

Some people appreciate help from their friends or family when booking their first counselling appointment. Or perhaps you are concerned about a loved one and would like to help them find resources. In these cases, I am happy to connect with friends/family to discuss the services I offer, however I will also ask to speak with the person who will be attending the appointment. This allows me to introduce myself and obtain consent from the prospective client for their own appointment booking.

My rates are $130 + GST for a 50 minute individual session or $190 + GST for a 75 minute couples session.

Counselling fees cover the costs of the session, booking and administration time, research and preparation time, continuing professional education, clinical consultation/supervision, professional certification, booking/documentation software, office space and other operating costs. My fees are set in alignment with the recommended rates by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.

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To ensure I am the right therapist for you, contact me to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.